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Venero and Venuti: ‘Intratextual Translation’ Skills For Writers

Two worlds collided for me recently when I attended the Brisbane Writers Festival - translation theory and literary fiction. Writers - discover how to use translation tools to make a cultural statement.
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Multicultural Books - To Diversity And Beyond!

The Australian EYLF encourages educators to create inclusive multicultural classroom environments. One of the most rewarding ways to engage young children in discussion about diversity is via books, and there are many delightful cultural titles available for the class bookshelves.
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5 Books About Indigenous Australia Every School Library Should Have

The 5 Books About Indigenous Australia Every School Library Should Have. It’s never too early to start talking about the concept of cultural difference with our children. Sharing story books about the diverse cultures, religions and languages of the world is one way to help kids develop a deeper understanding of their own cultural environment as well as world cultures.
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Why the Reconciliation Movement Benefits All Australians

‘Reconciliation’ is an umbrella term used in discussion of multiple, complex social and political activities. Under various names, the ‘reconciliation movement’ dates back to the 1960s, when Australians finally began to take decisive action about creating a more unified and respectful relationship between the Indigenous and non-Indigenous populations.
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Book Review – Alfie

These companion titles are hopefully just the start of many adventures for David Hardy’s adorable Alfie – a young boy searching for the meaning of life as only a little boy can! With his feet in the sand and his head in the clouds he tests the boundaries of friendship, family relationships and his physical environment, putting big life questions into delightful child-friendly contexts.
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3 Mindset Shifts For Planning The Truly Inclusive Classroom

Global Kids Oz: 3 Mindset Shifts for Planning the Truly Inclusive Classroom. childHR: How to run your HR department like a best practice LDC. Target Accounting: Childcare businesses: 5 ways to streamline your admin processes to reduce costs. The Time Retriever: It’s Time for some Forward Focused Reflecting.
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Sorry Sorry - Book Review

Sorry, Sorry Anne Kerr with Marda Pitt, Boolarong Press, RRP: $18.95. Suitable for children across a broad age range, this book is a sensitive introduction to race relations and reconciliation in Australia. It begins with a simple retelling of the colonisation story from the perspective of the ‘First Peoples’, exploring the impact on their lives when the ‘Other Peoples’ arrive.
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Cultural Diversity Books For Kids | Families Magazine Brisbane

For cultural harmony to flourish in our world, it’s crucial that we teach the next generation how to express and acknowledge cultural difference. Sharing stories about the diverse cultures, religions and languages of the world can help even the youngest readers develop a deeper understanding of their own cultural environment as well as world cultures.
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Fairtrade And Friendship In India – Meeting The Team Behind Our New Chindi Rugs

I first visited India in 2012 . This time, I visited a new family business that I had made contact with. I wanted to see how the operation was run and to meet the families that made our amazing new product line for us.
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Artist Bio - Anna Connell

Anna Connell is a Yuin woman from the Yuin nation. At Recycled Mats, we are proud to be working with Anna to translate her impressive creations into products for our homewares range.
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Schools are not what they used to be - and for good reason

One of the biggest challenges facing parents when their children start school is coming to terms with changing educational norms. Schools are not what they used to be—but in many cases, there are sound, evidence-based reasons for these changes. Ever found yourself thinking ‘It wasn’t like this in my day’?
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Driving Changes To The Obesogenic Environment

Should health be a personal or a public responsibility? It’s a question for the ages, and one that inspires lively debate around issues like government funding for weight loss or stop smoking programs. Occasionally, policy makers float suggestions like a tax on fast food or sugary soft drinks, with the aim of making these foods more expensive than health food options – driving us to make better health choices.
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Lara Cain Gray

Dr Lara Cain Gray (PhD) is a Brisbane-based freelance writer and editor. Her professional past includes positions as an academic researcher, librarian and museum curator in Australia and the UK.

She enjoys writing social commentary, book reviews, travel tales and therapeutic ravings about being a parent.

She also writes and edits material across a range of industries and media, including web copy, guest blogs, ghost blogs, corporate communications, newsletters, brochures and academic papers.

Lara would love to chat to you about new opportunities. Get in touch!



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