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Schools are not what they used to be - and for good reason

One of the biggest challenges facing parents when their children start school is coming to terms with changing educational norms. Schools are not what they used to be—but in many cases, there are sound, evidence-based reasons for these changes. Ever found yourself thinking ‘It wasn’t like this in my day’?
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Artist bio - Zachary Bennett-Brook

Torres Strait Islander, born and raised on Dharawal Country - Designer of "Coming Together" Talented Australian artist Zachary Bennett-Brook is a proud Torres Strait Islander man, born and raised in Dharawal Country, Wollongong, on the south coast of NSW. He has a strong connection to the ocean, as a surfer and saltwater man, and draws on the sea for artistic inspiration.
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Aussie Book Chat #1. Book Review: The Case Against Fragrance by Kate Grenville

Kate Grenville had always associated perfume with elegance and beauty. Then the headaches started. This is the tantalizing lead in to the latest non-fiction work from celebrated Australian novelist Kate Grenville. Drawing on personal experience and extensive research, Grenville takes the reader on a journey.
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Review: Brickman Wonders Of The World


Bullying - How to recognise and put an end to it

Every parent or carer worries that their child will experience bullying at school. Thankfully, our awareness of its impact is growing every day, and many schools now have effective anti-bullying strategies in place. But how can you tell if your child is being bullied? And if you find they are, what can you do about it?
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Adolescent Food Choices And The Obesogenic Environment

Adolescents are a prime target market for junk food advertising. With obesity on the rise, policy makers occasionally float the notion of legislating against ads for high calorie foods. But does showing a young person pictures of specific foods actually prompt them to go out and buy those products?
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Understanding Omics – The New Technologies Helping Us Map Human Health

If this is the first time you’ve heard the term ‘omics’, take note. You’re about to hear a lot more about this new field of study, which is set to revolutionise our understanding of human health. Omic technologies dig deeper than ever before into our DNA and cell structures, revealing extraordinary connections between nutrition, genetics and disease.
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5 Ways To Get Kids Reading More Books This Year

If you’re reading this in Australia, your kids have just begun the new school year. In fact, wherever you are, school aged kids are getting back into the swing of study after seasonal holidays – and picking up a book for pleasure might not be high on their list of priorities. Here are some suggestions to get kids reading more books this year!
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Is Beige The New Brown? The Latest Pieces In The Brown Fat Puzzle

We’re conditioned to think of fat as something we must reduce to maintain good health – but not all fats are equal. In the past few years, ‘brown fat’ has become the new ‘good fat’ under scrutiny by scientists. Higher levels of brown fat are linked with increased metabolic rate and improved blood sugar control, but researchers are still not quite sure why.
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You light up my life! Brighten your home and save

When it comes to home improvements, lighting is often the last thing on our list of DIY projects. It may not seem as important as other aspects of building design, but bad lighting can seriously affect the mood and functionality of your spaces, not to mention your health. What’s more, outdated lighting will also crank up your power bill.
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Parents reveal 10 steps to securing your child a private school scholarship

When it comes to scholarship applications, there’s only so much information you can glean from a school website. Sure, they’ll supply you with the deadlines and requirements – but nothing beats the wisdom of experience. We spoke to families whose children successfully applied for scholarships at Australian private schools, about the preparation processes that get results.
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What Does A Copywriter Actually Do?

“I know you’re a copywriter … but what does a copywriter actually DO?”. I’ve heard this plenty of times over the last few years, since beginning my freelance adventures. A copywriter writes copy. It’s as simple and as highly complicated as that. Copy is the ‘words’ bit of any text you can think of, from the product descriptions on your favourite shopping website, to the descriptive section of your company’s annual report, right through to those hilarious blog posts on your must-read morning news source.
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Lara Cain Gray

Lara Cain Gray (PhD) is a Brisbane-based freelance writer and editor. Her professional past includes positions as an academic researcher, librarian and museum curator in Australia and the UK.

She enjoys writing social commentary, book reviews, travel tales and therapeutic ravings about being a parent.

She also writes and edits material across a range of industries and media, including web copy, guest blogs, ghost blogs, corporate communications, newsletters, brochures and academic papers.

Lara would love to chat to you about new opportunities. Get in touch!



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