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Parents reveal 10 steps to securing your child a private school scholarship

When it comes to scholarship applications, there’s only so much information you can glean from a school website. Sure, they’ll supply you with the deadlines and requirements – but nothing beats the wisdom of experience. We spoke to families whose children successfully applied for scholarships at Australian private schools, about the preparation processes that get results.
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An insider’s guide to scholarship exams: expert tips

Applying for a school scholarship involves a combination of exams, personal interviews, references and a portfolio or audition where relevant. Some components of the application are easier to demonstrate than academic aptitude, like sporting achievements, artistic talents or volunteering commitments.
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How do you know when your child is really ready to start school?

Formal education for children in Australia begins between the ages of four and six, depending on which state or territory you live in, and in which month your child is born. If your child is near the cusp of age eligibility to start primary school, they could be a whole year younger than the other children in their class cohort during their time at school.
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Upgrading your kitchen the easy way

Are you struggling to release your inner Masterchef in an outdated kitchen? A stunning modern kitchen is everyone's dream, but we don't always have the spare time and money for major renovations. Luckily, there are some smart and effective ways to create a more comfortable, practical and stylish home kitchen without a huge outlay.
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You light up my life! Brighten your home and save

When it comes to home improvements, lighting is often the last thing on our list of DIY projects. It may not seem as important as other aspects of building design, but bad lighting can seriously affect the mood and functionality of your spaces, not to mention your health. What’s more, outdated lighting will also crank up your power bill.
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10 Top tips to Winter-proof your home

We organise our winter wardrobes, get out the heaters and maybe even plan a ski holiday! But, more importantly, don't forget to consider the impact the chilly weather might have on your home. While you're in the mood for planning, here are 10 tips to winter-proof your house! Quality ceiling insulation prevents heat from escaping skywards.
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Home Economics – Education For Life

Did you study Home Economics at school? In years gone by, this was a popular subject for Australian high school students; sometimes even compulsory, especially for girls. Covering a range of important domestic skills, like cooking and nutrition, sewing and repairing clothes, and basic budget management, it was seen as a useful addition to the school syllabus.
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Is your content really contagious?

Almost any content that attracts widespread attention is described as having ‘gone viral’. But just because your video has racked up millions of views on YouTube doesn’t necessarily mean your video went viral. And herein lies the trouble – all too often, the term ‘gone viral’ is applied not on the basis of how content has spread but on the total number of views a piece of content has received.
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What do real employees have to say about your next employer?

Deciding whether a potential employer is the right fit for you is about more than their annual turnover. If all goes to plan, you’ll be spending a lot of time at this workplace; are you sure their company culture, management style and career development opportunities meet your expectations? Wouldn’t it be great to be a fly-on-the-wall and go behind the scenes of a company that interests you before you sign a contract?
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What To Look For in a School’s STEM Program

STEM is a significant growth area in education right now. Science, technology, engineering and maths were once specialist subjects pursued by students with a specific interest in these fields. Now that technology influences so many diverse areas of our lives, STEM is viewed as an essential curriculum area for all students.
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A Week In Paradise Resort

Recently our family took advantage of the new Stay, Play & Save package, which includes access to the Resort’s extensive range of activities, along with a free seven-day holiday world pass to Dreamworld, WhiteWater World and SkyPoint Observation Deck. This package is incredible value (especially if you’re a big, busy family like us), and the ridiculously large grins on the faces of our kids when they realised just how much fun we were going to pack into a few days away from the daily grind was great to see.

The Truth Behind The Mid-Afternoon Slump

Do you ever experience that time after lunch on a work day when the hands of the clock seem to be moving in slow motion the computer screen looks a little fuzzy and your mind is wandering to what you’re doing on the weekend? It’s known as the ‘afternoon slump’, and most office workers know the feeling!


Lara Cain Gray

Lara Cain Gray (PhD) is a Brisbane-based freelance writer. Her professional past includes time as an academic researcher, librarian and museum curator.

She enjoys writing social commentary, book reviews, travel tales and therapeutic ravings about being a parent. She also writes web copy for business sites, corporate newletters, brochures and ghost blogs because she has to eat.

She blogs as This Charming Mum, writing personal anecdotes and dynamic arts and literature reviews with a family focus.

Lara would love to chat to you about writing and reviewing opportunities.



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